How Long Does Google Adsense Take To Approve New Applications?


Getting Google AdSense approval is the dream of many bloggers, as it is a very popular website monetization company amongst bloggers of all levels, and this brings about the question of how long does Google AdSense take to approve new account applications?

Bloggers have been able to maximize their websites and earn a living through serving Google AdSense ads on their websites over the years, and every new blogger that starts their blogging journey wishes to get approved by AdSense so they can start earning from their contents.

In this special edition of our Adsense blog posts series, I will try as much as possible to provide you with clear information to how long Google AdSense takes to approve new account applications.

Google AdSense Approval Requirements


It is very important that you know the requirements that must be met before you go ahead and apply for Google AdSense.

So before I go ahead and tell you how long it takes to get approved, I will first of all list out the requirements that you must attain in order to get approved by Google AdSense.


  • You must have a fully functional and live website.
  • Your website must have a lot of rich content.
  • Your website must not be down, broken, or redirecting.
  • Your website must follow Google AdSense policies.
  • Your website must not have banned or illegal contents.
  • Your website must not involve in any form of illegal traffic.
  • Your website should be indexed or discovered by Google.

Minimum Traffic For Adsense Approval


There is no minimum traffic that is required before applying for AdSense, but it is good to have steady traffic coming to your site during the application period to show Google AdSense that your website is active.

Maintaining steady traffic coming to the site during the application period will help in getting your application approved faster. You can apply with zero traffic, but it is advisable to keep traffic coming to the site during the application period.


How Long Does Google Adsense Take To Approve A New Application?


Google AdSense applications can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks and 6 weeks in most cases, as stated on the Google website, but from my own personal experiences, I have gotten approvals in less than that time period, and I have seen others get approvals within 24 hours.

So it actually depends on the type of website that you are applying with; if your website is a very valuable one, then expect to get approved in a very short period of time.

In some cases, tools websites and e-commerce websites might get faster approval, and I am saying this because I have had personal experiences with that and I have seen others get approved in less than 24 hours with a tools website or an e-commerce website.


Google AdSense Compliance Pages


Before you submit your website for review by the Google AdSense team, ensure that you have the following pages on your website, as they are very important and can get you disapproved if your website doesn’t have them.


Google Adsense Approval Tips


Here are some helpful tips that will increase your chances of getting faster approval when applying for AdSense as a first-timer:


  • Make sure your website navigation has no flows.
  • Ensure you have a minimum of 20 blog posts.
  • Ensure your blog has at least two categories.
  • Make sure that your website is fast-loading.
  • Make sure to have all the compliance pages in the header and footer.


Frequently Asked Questions



Why Is Adsense Approval Taking So Long?

Adsense approval is taking a long time because the Adsense compliance team is taking their time to check your website to ensure that it meets the Adsense monetization criteria and that it follows the AdSense usage policies.


How Can I Get Adsense Approval Fast?

You can get AdSense approval faster by making sure that your website follows all AdSense policies, have a fast-loading website with rich contents, and have good navigation. You can also try using tools  website to get faster AdSense approval.


How Do I Check My Adsense Approval Status?

You can check your AdSense approval status by navigating to the sites page in your AdSense account. There, you will see the sites in your account and their approval status, as seen in the image below.

sites approval status

Check sites approval status


How Many Times Can I Apply For Adsense?

You can apply for a review of your website as many times as possible, but there is a limit to the number of times you can request a re-review of your website, and once you reach that limit, your website will be put on hold for a period of time before you can request for another re-review of your website.



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Conclusion on How Long Does Google Adsense Take To Approve


The time it takes to approve your AdSense account application centers around a lot of factors, such as your website’s compliance, the review team/bot, and the type of content that you have on your website.

It could take anywhere from 24 hours to as long as 6 weeks depending on the above-mentioned factors, but in order to increase your chances of approval, you can make sure that your website follows all the AdSense compliance policies.


If you do the right thing on your website, then your application won’t take long to get approved, so go ahead and give it a shot and see the outcome. If you get a disapproval, then you need to work on your website, then apply again.

Getting a disapproval doesn’t mean you can’t apply for AdSense again; you can apply again after working on your website, so ensure that you give that application a shot and also ensure that your website follows all compliance policies before submitting your application again.

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below. Tell us your current AdSense application status, what you did to get approved, and how long it took you to get approval. Also, ensure to give this post a share.



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