10 Effective Tips to Avoid Adsense Ads Limit Forever


Monetizing your website through Google Adsense is one of the best ways to earn some money from your website, but there are some limitations to your earnings when you get placed on ad serving limits.

Some bloggers live with the nightmare of getting AdSense ads limit on their AdSense account at any time as they don’t know what to do to avoid this, and if you are one of those bloggers, then you are in the right place.

I will take my time to share with you 10 effective practices to avoid getting an AdSense ads limit on your AdSense account. These tips have worked for me personally and all of our clients here on Byteral, which is why I have decided to share them with you.


10 Effective Tips to Avoid Adsense Ad Limits Forever


I will be sharing with you here 10 effective practices to implement on your AdSense-monetized blog to reduce your chances of getting an AdSense ad limit. They work very well, and you will be glad you implemented them.


1. Maintain a very low CTR


This one is #1 on our list because it is the first thing that is likely to cause you to get AdSense ad limit. You should always try your best to maintain a very low CTR of not more than 10% daily.

But in the worst-case scenario, your page CTR should not be more than 15% daily; if this happens for like 2-3 days, then you are surely getting AdSense ads limit on your account, and there is no two ways about it.


Ensure to balance your AdSense clicks with the impressions so as to get a very low daily CTR, and you can balance these metrics by getting a higher number of pageviews and ad impressions than clicks.

Your total number of clicks should only be a little fraction of your total ad impressions, as anything more than that will result in an ad limit, so always ensure to get a very low CTR daily.


2. Practice Good ad placements


Google AdSense ad placement is a very important factor in serving AdSense ads on your website; putting AdSense ads in the wrong places could result in AdSense ads being limit.

You should ensure to put your ads on pages with moderate traffic, pages with rich contents, and open places, and they should be labeled with the « Advertising » or « sponsored ads » tag.


3. Remove Ads From Empty pages


Adsense has clearly stated that publishers should not serve ads on pages without contents, and one way to get AdSense ads limit is to keep serving ads on pages with empty contents.

Make sure that you restrict ads from pages with tin content on your website; doing this will help reduce the chances of getting an AdSense ad limit on your account.


4. Avoid Using Traffic bots


One way to get your AdSense ad limit quickly is to send bot traffic to your website. Google frowns at such activities, and you must do all you can not to have bot traffic.

If you are sure that you are not sending bot traffic to your website, then ensure that you always monitor your website traffic, as some people are likely to send bot traffic to your website without your knowledge.

Once you notice any suspicious bot traffic activities on your website, you should quickly contact Google AdSense, bring such activities to their knowledge, and do all you can to block the bot traffic.


5. Avoid Self-clicking ads


Never try to click on your own AdSense ads to increase your earnings or for whatever reasons; doing so repeatedly will get you an instant AdSense ad serving limit or an outright ban from participating in the Google AdSense program.

I am sure you don’t want a ban or an ad limit, so ensure to never click on your own AdSense ads. If you wish to experiment with anything, then you can do so using another device different from yours.


6. Buy Only Safe traffic


If you are involved in the act of buying traffic to your AdSense-monetized website, then ensure that the traffic being sent to your website is very safe and is not bot traffic but real human visitors.

Some companies might send bot traffic to your website when you buy traffic from them, so ensure you know your traffic sources, monitor them around the clock, and stop any of it that has bot traffic coming to your website.


7. Avoid Viewing Your ads


Viewing your own AdSense ads multiple times a day can get you  AdSense ads limit. What I tell my clients to do is to not view their own ads more than 5 times a day, and in worst-case scenarios, not more than 10 times a day, to avoid AdSense ads limit.


8. Avoid Adsense Banned Contents


Google AdSense does not allow for their ads to be on sites with banned content such as drugs, pornography, weapons, war, etc.

So ensure that you write only about contents that are not banned by Google AdSense and are not threatening to your readers, because doing otherwise will get you banned from AdSense.


9. Spread Your Daily traffic


Avoid getting a very high number of impressions on a particular ad; make sure to spread your traffic to all ad units, and if possible, set a limit to the number of total impressions and clicks you get a day.

Doing these will avoid getting suspicion from Google AdSense and thereby getting an AdSense ad limit or an outright account ban, as the case may be.


Avoid AdSense loading


Some bloggers do engage in fraudulent activities by using VPNs, IPs, cookies, and proxies to click on their own AdSense ads to increase their earnings, which is something Google AdSense frowns upon very much.

Try as much as possible to avoid getting involved in such despicable acts. You can buy traffic to your site, which is acceptable, but avoid any acts of AdSense loading as that is not ethical.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Does the Ad Limit Last?


AdSense ad serving limit can last anywhere from 7 to 30 days, depending on the type of ad serving limit and what actions you take to get rid of the ad serving limit.


How Do I Remove Google AdSense Limits?


You can remove Google AdSense ad serving limit by following some practical steps as outlined in this in-depth article: 5 Ways To Remove Adsense Ad Serving Limit In 7 Days


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Conclusion on Tips to Avoid AdSense Ad Limit


Adsense ad serving limit is one frustrating and painful experience that Google AdSense publishers experience from time to time, which can be a very daunting moment in the life of a website owner.

However, with the right practices, you can avoid AdSense ad limit totally, and some of those practices to implement have been written here for you to take home and implement.

So, go ahead and implement each one of these tips and ensure to drop your opinions and experiences in the comments below so other website owners can learn from your experiences.



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