Best Ad Placement On Blog To Increase Revenue


Smart ad placement on your website will significantly increase revenue for you, and many bloggers are always seeking out how to place their ads smartly, which prompted us here at Byteral to write on the best ad placement on blogs to increase earnings.

The positioning of ads on your website will greatly determine the amount of exposure and clicks they get from your website visitors, as less exposure equals low earnings while higher exposure equals higher earnings.


However, this doesn’t mean you should fill up your website with ads just to get more exposure; doing this will hurt your website’s user experience, and you might see a decline in the number of website visitors and higher bounce rates due to excessive ads on the website.

In this blog post edition on Byteral, I will be discussing and telling you how you can place ads smartly on your website with fewer ad units, which will still earn you higher exposure and more revenues. Continue reading to find out how to do the magic placement.


Best Ad Placement On Blog To Increase Revenue


The way you place ads on your website will greatly affect your revenue, so below are smart ways that I personally use to place ads on my own websites and those of our clients here at Byteral that gives us higher exposure and high earnings.

You can try these placements and experiment with others to find the type of ad placement that is good for your website and brings you good revenue, as there is no one-size-fits-all in the world of blogging.

Header: This ad placement is situated at the beginning of your website and ensures that all visitors will see an ad the moment they land on your website.


Before and after Contents: Here you place ads at the start and end of every blog post or page on your website, and the idea behind this is that as the user opens a page, they will see an ad, and as they get to the end of the posts, they will also see an ad.

Footer: This is located at the footer and on every page of your website, and your website visitors get to see it at the end of your website for every page they visit.


Side Bar: This is located at the right or left sidebar widget of your website. You can place only 1 or 2 ad units here, and this will ensure that your users get to see an ad when they make any movements within those areas.

In-Content: Here you place ad units in the body of your posts or page contents, so as the website visitors are scrolling through the website, they will get to see an ad between paragraphs of your website contents.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Is An Example Of Ad Placement?


An example of smart ad placement on your website that will give you higher exposure and higher revenues are the ones I mentioned above as follows: header, footer, sidebars, before and after content, and in-between content.

Where do you put ads on a blog?


You can put ads anywhere on your blog, but if you need smart ad placement that will guarantee you good revenue, then you should consider putting your ads in the header, footer, sidebars, before and after content, and in-between content.


How Can I Improve My Ad Placement?


You can improve your ad placement by following the experimental placements I have mentioned above as follows: header, footer, sidebars, before and after content, and in-between content.




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Conclusion on the Best Ad Placement on Blog


The way you put up ad units on your website will greatly affect how those ads perform and the revenue they bring to your blog. Many people are doing ad placement the wrong way on their website and expecting a good result.

You don’t place ads wrongly and expect to see higher revenue from your website. One thing is to know how to place ads on your website; another thing is to know the right place to place those ads so they convert well and bring in good revenue for you.

If you want to see an increase in your ad revenue, then it is time to change your ad placement and consider the options that I have provided in this article.


The ad placements that I have mentioned here have been tested on my own personal websites and on clients websites as well, and I will tell you that the results were astounding, as they always bring in good results for me and our clients here on Byteral.

You should go ahead and give this ad placements a trial and see the immense results you will get from it. Do well to let me know your opinion in the comments below, and do well to share this article online with your friends and in social media groups.



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