3 Proven Strategies To Get Free Blog Traffic


Traffic is the blood-line of any website that is on the internet, and if your website is not getting traffic, then that means you won’t be earning any revenue from that website, whether you are selling products or services or earning money from displayed ads.

As a blog owner, you should strive to get free traffic coming to your blog because that will make your blog profitable.

If you are not getting free blog traffic, then you need to do what is necessary so as to start getting free blog traffic coming to your blog.


In this blog post, I’ll share with you three tested techniques that you can use right away to start obtaining free blog traffic. I kid you not—if used correctly, these techniques work like magic.

So, if you are eager to know how to start getting some free blog traffic, then continue reading as I reveal these three proven strategies to you, and if you implement them, you will be wowed by the results that you will get in a matter of months.



3 Proven Strategies to Get Free Blog Traffic


As a blogger, you can either depend on free or paid traffic or depend on both of them, but in my opinion, you should be focusing on getting some free traffic coming to your blog first before using paid traffic to scale it up and increase your blog revenue.

Doing this will reduce your cost of traffic acquisition and will turn into a very profitable venture for you in the long run, thereby keeping you in business for a long time. Free traffic coming to your blog can do a lot of magic for you as a blogger.

Some people are frustrated in the business of blogging because they are not getting traffic. This is seen among many newbie bloggers, and the majority of them end up abandoning their blogs because of the frustration of not getting traffic to their blogs.

The 3 proven strategies that many bloggers are using to get free blog traffic are « Facebook Commenting, » « Forum Posting, » and « Low KD Keyword Writing. »

I am going to be explaining each of the 3 strategies mentioned above, and I will also be showing you how you can implement any of them on your blog and start getting some free blog traffic


Facebook Commenting


These might look like an old strategy, but it works magic. I kid you not, I use this strategy, and I enjoy the endless flow of traffic coming to my blog on a daily basis.

But note that when doing this, you have to be careful so as not to get flagged for spam by Facebook bots.

To implement this strategy, all you need to do is create a Facebook page with your website’s domain name, e.g., Byteral.com, and once you have done that, customize the page with your website details, insert your blog URL in the page bio, and add other necessary details about your blog.

Once you have done this, the next thing will be for you to start posting captions of your blog posts on the Facebook page, insert your blog post URL on the caption, and tell the readers to click on the link below to read more.


The next thing for you to do is to follow pages and groups with large followings, then start engaging in conversations on posts in those groups and pages.

Just drop a short and very intelligent comment on those posts and drop your blog URL in some of those comments.

This should be a daily task for you. As you continue to do this, you will notice an increase in Facebook traffic coming to your blog. The more of this activity you engage in, the more free blog traffic you will be getting.

Once people read your comments and see that your page name is a domain name, they will surely click on it, land on your page, read the blog post captions you have on your page, and probably click on the read more links.



Forum Posting


This one is very simple, and it is an old strategy that you probably know about, but I am including it here to tell you how powerful this strategy is for you as a blogger.

Nobody knows your blog yet because it is still new on the internet, so the best thing you can do for yourself is to promote your blog shamelessly all over the internet.


Simply sign up on forums that have groups and sections related to your blog niche, then start posting captions of your blog posts on those forum’s groups, making sure to include the post link in the caption.

Make sure that the caption is compelling enough and click worthy. You can use ChatGPT AI to write the captions to be posted, then include the blog post URL at the end of the caption, and people will definitely click on those links once they find the caption interesting.



Writing On low KD keywords


The last on the list is to implement strategic SEO techniques on your blog posts as a new blogger, and if you do it right, your blog posts will be ranking in a matter of months and you will be getting free blog traffic occasionally.

All you need to do is get a keyword research tool like SERANKING, get keywords that you want to write on, and check them to ensure that their difficulty is not more than 30.


After checking your keywords to ascertain their difficulty, do a little SERP analysis to ensure that other top-ranking bloggers or YouTubers have not created content using that exact keyword.

Even if they have, if you discover something they have not covered, then cover it in your own blog post on that keyword and you will definitely rank for that keyword.




How Do I Get Free Traffic to My Blog?


If you want to start getting free traffic to your blog, then you need to start doing some daily tasks such as posting and commenting on Facebook and forums and including your post URL.



How to Get 1,000 Visitors to Your Blog


If you want to start getting 1000 visitors a day to your blog, then you need to start writing as many SEO-optimized blog posts as possible. This is very logical; the more posts you have ranking on search engines, the more free traffic you will be getting.



Which blogs get the most traffic?


Any blogs that have to do with viral topics will surely get a lot of traffic. Another category is blogs based on topics that people are searching for largely on search engines, and you can discover this by using Google Trends.



How do I track traffic to my blog?


You can track your blog traffic by connecting an analytic tool such as Google Analytics to your blog. Once you do this, the tool will track all the traffic coming to your blog, which will help your traffic campaigns.




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Conclusion on 3 Proven Strategies to Get Free Blog Traffic


If you start implementing these 3 strategies that I have revealed here, then your blog will start getting free traffic from those sources. Just ensure to post on as many forums and Facebook pages and groups as possible.

One thing I will reveal to you last is this: the more you post your blog post links on public forums and social media groups, the more signal you will be sending to search engines to come and index your blog posts.


Go ahead and implement all these strategies and ensure to be consistent in doing this, and you will be wowed at the result that you will be getting from the work that you put into this.

I believe this blog post has opened your eyes to many possibilities, so go ahead and share this blog post with your friends online.



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