Can I Apply For Adsense Again After Getting Disapproval?


A large percentage of website owners on the internet are dependent on Google Adsense for monetization amidst multiple means of monetization, which include affiliate marketing, coaching, selling products, sponsoring content, etc.

Many new publishers online are all striving to get Google AdSense approval, but the truth is that not everyone will get accepted into the Google AdSense monetization program. But if you do what is required, then your chances of getting accepted will be higher.


Some bloggers get frustrated when they don’t get approved on their first or second trial of monetizing their blogs with Google AdSense, and many keep asking the same question: « Can I Apply For Adsense Again After Getting Disapproved? »

In this blog post, I’ll give you an honest response about whether you can reapply for AdSense after being rejected.

I’ll also share some insider information about how to increase your chances of being accepted into the Google AdSense monetization program.



Can I Apply For Adsense Again After Getting Disapproved?



Yes! You can apply for Google AdSense again after getting disapproved, but one thing you need to know is that there is a limit to how many times you can apply before you will be suspended from applying again for a period of 30 or 60 days.


You are not alone if you have experienced the dreaded AdSense rejection. Many website owners have experienced this setback and are wondering if there is a way to recover.

What is the good news? You can unquestionably reapply for AdSense after being rejected. Let’s get right to the things to take note of before you apply again.



Understanding The Disapproval


There are numerous grounds for AdSense disapproval, from insufficient content to policy infractions. Knowing the precise cause of the rejection is the first step in continuing. When you reapply, you may effectively address the problem thanks to this realization.


Take a Closer Look Your Content


Content is king, and Google holds it in high regard. Review your website’s content very well. Is it original, valuable, and relevant? Do you have enough content to provide a substantial user experience? Ensure your articles are well-written, error-free, and offer meaningful insights.


Analyze User Experience


AdSense acceptance depends heavily on the user experience. Is it simple to navigate your website? Is the loading time quick? Is it responsive for mobile? AdSense is impressed by a user-friendly website, and it also improves your total online presence.



Address Past Mistakes


If you’ve received specific feedback from AdSense regarding policy violations, take immediate action. Whether it’s improper ad placement or prohibited content, rectify the issues to create a compliant environment for AdSense ads.


Build Quality Backlinks


Increasing the number of credible backlinks to your website might increase its authority. Google considers these links to be evidence of your authority in your field when you re-apply. As a priority, get links from reliable websites that are relevant to your content.



Patience is Key


Don’t rush to reapply as soon as you’ve made the required modifications. Here, patience is important. Give your website enough time to show off its improved quality when the adjustments take effect.





How Many Times can we Apply for Adsense?


There is no limit to how many times you can apply for Google AdSense, but if you keep reapplying without making necessary changes to your website, you will be suspended for some period of time after-too many re-applications without correcting what they asked you to correct.


How Do I Apply For Google Adsense Again?


You can reapply for Google AdSense by logging into your account, going to the site page in your dashboard, checking the « I have made all changes » box, and then clicking the « request review » button. This will send your application back for another review.


Can I apply for a Second Adsense account after closing the first one?


Yes! You can apply for another Google AdSense account, but you must first close the first one, as Google’s AdSense policies allow only one account per publisher, and anything more than that will lead to all your accounts getting closed for policy violations.





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Conclusion On Can I Apply for Adsense Again After Getting Disapproved?



Your chances of being accepted the second time around can be greatly improved by fixing the problems that caused the previous rejection and improving the quality of your website.

The answer to the question, « Can I Apply For Adsense Again After Getting Disapproved? » is an absolute Yes. Put in the time, make the required adjustments, and be proactive to improve the appeal of your website.

Take advantage of the rejection period  to make things better and realize the earning potential of your website.

Success is within your grasp. Just do what is required of you, and you will be accepted into the Google AdSense monetization program.



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