Why Is Google Adsense Taking So Long?


One thing that excites most bloggers these days is the application for an AdSense publisher account, but in most cases, their hope comes crashing down when there is a very long delay in the approval or when it comes with a rejection.

In this blog article, I will be answering the question, « Why Is Google Adsense Taking So Long? » and I will also be giving you some tips and recommendations on what you need to do on your website before submitting your AdSense application to increase your chances of approval.

Getting AdSense approval these days seems like a difficult task due to the fact that the Google AdSense publishers program now has stricter rules that are somehow making monetization a bit difficult for their publishers, and some of the things publishers face are account ad serving limits, account suspension, account ban, etc.


Why is Google AdSense taking so long?


Google AdSense is a reliable source of income for many publisher online. However, as are first timer to the Google AdSense publisher program, you might be wondering on « Why Is Google Adsense Taking So Long? to approve your website for monetization.  Here are a few potential explanations:


Rigid Review Procedure


For the purpose of ensuring the reliability and integrity of its network, Google AdSense maintains a rigorous review process.

This entails carefully examining websites to see if they adhere to their rules about things like content value, user experience, and ad placement.

As each website is assessed separately to ensure the integrity of the AdSense ecosystem, a thorough examination can take some time.


High volume of Applications


Google AdSense is a widely used monetization platform, and this popularity translates to a high influx of applications.

The sheer volume of requests requires Google to allocate sufficient time to review each application properly, contributing to longer wait times for approval.


Manual Review for Certain Cases


In some instances, Google AdSense may flag applications for manual review if they exhibit certain traits that warrant closer examination.

This could be due to concerns about the website’s content quality, ad placement, or adherence to policies. Manual reviews are more time-intensive, leading to extended approval periods.


Complex verification process


Google may impose additional verification procedures to guard against fraud and confirm the legitimacy of applicants, particularly those from particular locations or those with unusual circumstances.

The approval procedure may take longer if these verification steps are used, such as address verification.


Adherence to Policy Updates


Google periodically updates its AdSense policies to adapt to changing industry standards and user expectations. During these policy shifts, the review process might be extended to allow applicants to align their websites with the new requirements.


Resource Allocation


Google’s resources are allocated across various products and services, which can impact the speed of the AdSense approval process. Depending on resource availability, approval times may vary.


Tips to Help You Get Faster Approval From Adsense


Here are some very important tips that will help you get faster approval from Google AdSense. Ensure you read through them all and apply them to your website before submitting your Google AdSense application.

Content Quality is Key


Ensure your website offers valuable, original, and relevant content that adheres to Google’s content policies. High-quality content improves your chances of faster approval.


User-Friendly Design


Create a user-friendly and intuitive website layout. Easy navigation and a positive user experience play a role in the approval process.


Ad Placement Readiness


Prepare your website by designating spaces for ads. This showcases your readiness to implement ads in compliance with Google’s policies.


Policy Adherence


Familiarize yourself with Google AdSense policies and guidelines. Ensure your website’s content, ad placement, and overall design align with these policies.


Mobile Responsiveness


Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Having a responsive design is essential since Google favors mobile compatibility.


Compliance Pages


Include comprehensive « About Us, » « Contact Us, » « Privacy Policy, » « Terms & Conditions, » and « Cookies Policies » pages on your website. This adds credibility and transparency, signaling to Google that your site is genuine.


Domain Age and Ownership


While there’s no strict requirement, having a domain that’s been active for a few months can enhance your credibility. Also, ensure your domain ownership details are accurate.


No Prohibited Content


Avoid content that violates Google’s policies, such as adult content, copyrighted material, or illegal substances. A clean slate expedites the review process.


Web Traffic


While not a direct requirement, having some consistent web traffic can be beneficial. It shows your website is engaging and attracting visitors.


How do I know if my AdSense account is approved?


Once your AdSense account is approved, you’ll receive an email notification from Google AdSense. Additionally, when you log in to your AdSense account, you’ll see relevant information and options to start creating ads and managing your account.


How can I get Google AdSense approval faster?


To speed up the AdSense approval process, focus on creating high-quality content, ensuring compliance with policies, designing a user-friendly website, and preparing for ad placement. Regularly review your website to make necessary improvements before applying.


How long does it take for Google AdSense to be approved?


The time it takes for Google AdSense approval can vary. It might take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

Factors like manual reviews, policy updates, and the volume of applications contribute to the timeline. During this period, it’s essential to be patient and continue refining your website.



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Conclusion On Why Is Google Adsense Taking So Long?


While waiting for Google AdSense approval can be frustrating, understanding the underlying reasons for the delay can help alleviate concerns.

The stringent review process, high volume of applications, manual reviews, verification procedures, policy updates, and resource allocation collectively contribute to the extended timeline.

It is important to remain patient and focus on ensuring your website adheres to Google’s guidelines for the best chance of successful AdSense approval.

Remember, the wait is ultimately aimed at maintaining the quality and integrity of the AdSense network for both publishers and advertisers alike, just do what is expected of you and you will surely get approved b y Google AdSense.



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