How To Get Low Adsense CTR Easily: 100% Guaranteed


Every blogger that uses AdSense for their website monetization will always wish to have a good CTR (click-through rate) and most people will wish for a high CTR, which is good and fine.

But there are several sides to this, as having a very low CTR will give you little revenue, while having a very high CTR will get your account limited, suspended, or banned.

So, if you are having a very high CTR and you are afraid of getting an ad limit or suspension, then you have to worry no more as I will be showing you practical ways to get a Low AdSense CTR and avoid an AdSense ban. Just continue reading.


What Causes High CTR?


If your CTR is very high above the recommended percentage, then you have to be worried, as that will cause your ads to be limited, suspended, or banned.

A very high CTR happens when you have very high clicks on your AdSense account with very few ad impressions and pageviews.

Some reasons are:

  • Having bot traffic.
  • Getting click bombing
  • Getting very high Daily Traffic.


What Is The Recommended AdSense CTR?


Having a balanced AdSense account metrics will keep you in good standing with AdSense, and that will always ensure that you have nothing to be afraid of as AdSense won’t keep your account under strict watch.

The recommended daily CTR should be less than 15%, though to be on the safe side, it is recommended that you maintain a CTR of 5% – 10% daily. In a worst-case scenario, your CTR should not be more than 15% to keep your account in good standing with AdSense.


How To Get Low Adsense CTR


For you to get low AdSense CTR, you need to balance the traffic coming to your website; that is the only way and there are no other ways, and there is no cutting corners here when it comes to having a balanced metric with Google AdSense.

Below are a few ways to get a balanced metric for your Adsense account:

  • Spread your traffic to different pages.
  • Ensure to get high ad impressions.
  • Ensure to get high pageviews.
  • Ensure clicks are lower than ad impressions.


If you are having a very high CTR, which poses a serious threat to your AdSense account, then the only best solution is to get very high pageviews and impressions, and the CTR will automatically reduce to the recommended range.

While getting these high ad impressions and pageviews to your website, ensure not to get any clicks at all or very few clicks, as having more high ad clicks will increase the CTR further.


How To Get Pageviews And Ad Impressions


The only way to get more pageviews and ad impressions coming to your website is to either buy traffic from genuine sources or use a Chrome extension called « Auto Tab Reloader. »

Though I won’t recommend the auto tab reload option as that can pose a threat to your Adsense account, I will recommend that you look for good paid traffic sources to get more visitors to your website, and the CTR will surely reduce after some time.


Is It Better To Have A Lower CTR?


Yes! Having a low CTR will keep your AdSense account in good standing, and there will be no threat of getting an ad limit, being suspended, or being banned from participating in the Google AdSense program.

But in a case where your CTR is below 5% and your CPC is very low, you need to be worried, as that will give you very low revenue.

How Can CTR Be Above 100%?


If you are having very high clicks in your AdSense account, then your AdSense CTR will be way above 100%.

In the case where your account impressions and pageviews are low but clicks are very high above them, then your account is at risk, and you will surely get an ad serving limit, account suspension, or get banned from participating in the Google AdSense program.

How Much CTR Is Good For Adsense?


The ideal recommended AdSense CTR is between 5% and 10% to be in good standing with AdSense and avoid getting placed under strict watch for fraudulent activities, but in worst-case scenarios, your CTR should not be more than 15%, which will likely not be more of a threat to your AdSense account.

How Do I Control My Adsense CTR?


You can control your AdSense CTR by having a balanced AdSense account metrics; this simply means that your pageviews, impressions, and clicks should be balanced.

Pageviews and ad impressions should be very high in your AdSense account, while the clicks you are getting should be only a small fraction of the pageviews and the ad impressions to avoid reaching the ad serving limit, getting suspended, or being banned from participating in the Google AdSense program.




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Conclusion On How To Get Low Adsense CTR


Having a very high AdSense CTR in 2 – 3 days will get you an ad serving limit, account suspension, or ban because AdSense will perceive that as some form of fraudulent activity going-on in your account, which is something you won’t like to happen to you.

Ensuring that your AdSense account metrics are well balanced will help you to avoid any form of threat to your AdSense account and will help you to safely monetize your contents, and earn from your hard work on your website.

If you see an increasing CTR above the recommended range, then you need to implement the tips and suggestions I have given above to avoid any form of threat to your AdSense account.


Google AdSense has very advanced technologies that can detect any form of fraud and irregularities on your AdSense account, so your best bet will be to not try and cheat the system in any way because you will be caught and panelized by AdSense.

I will love to hear your opinion about this article in the comments below. Also, let me know if these tips work for you in helping you reduce your AdSense CTR to the recommended range of 5% – 15%.

Tell us about your experiences so we can learn from each other, and ensure to share this post with your friends online.



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